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Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership coaching is an incredible management tool that guides business leaders and owners at all levels to maximise performance by developing the right behavioural skills. You can learn to increase awareness through straightforward feedback and practice – sharpening your built-in leadership skills to motivate your team and deliver specific business, professional, and personal goals.

Theeboom et al. (2014) study found that effective leadership and business coaching have a positive impact on individual-level performance and skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation.

Coaching is designed to give you insight and boost your current skills and develop a strategy that you’ll be held accountable for. Mentoring is about developing your skills through sharing experiences and knowledge that allows you to best fulfil a role. 

Coaching is designed to be used by people in a transition, be that development for a new role with more responsibility or a business ready to scale. Coaching helps you to remove barriers and focus on how you can achieve your goals.

For coaching to work, you have to be willing to let the coach in. This is a partnership established on trust and open communication. Spending time getting to know each other can have a huge impact on your success. To help you decide if coaching is for you and your business, book your 45-minute discovery call.

Coaching will empower your leaders to work exceptionally well. You can discover hidden strengths in your leader/s and their team/s, helping people to focus on discovering what works to achieve your goals. You can gain new perspectives every day, and be pushed beyond what you thought was possible. Through reflective practices, you’ll develop free-thinking, which grows dynamic and flexible leadership. Coaching will also enhance your communication (speaking AND listening) which will enhance the overall performance of your teams. 


The first step is to book your discovery call. In this 45-minute session, we can discuss your business and professional goals and desires, decide if you need the coaching directly, or prefer team members to undergo coaching, and (most importantly) see if we’re a fit together.


You’ll typically set up a series of one-to-one coaching sessions – either weekly or monthly. During the first couple of sessions, you can expect to discuss your goals in detail, including possible strategies and solutions you have already thought of. You may also expect some observation work within your teams to see how they work together. 


This varies greatly depending on the needs of the organisation, the leader in place, and the purpose of coaching. Some clients may need me for a 45-minute motivational workshop, others have weekly or monthly sessions set up on an ongoing basis. Book your discovery call to discuss your needs.


This is another question that I receive a lot and again, it depends on a lot of different factors. Coaching ultimately boils down to if you’re an action taker, are ready to practice what we set out during a session, and invest your time in following through your chosen plan. 


You need to be able to trust your leadership coach and expect to build a relationship with them. Your coach does not need to be too familiar with your business or industry for that matter. You need to find someone who will challenge you by asking thought-provoking questions, actively listen and digest information, and provide you with clarity. 


You may have noticed that I refer to myself as a global leaders coach, and this is true. Leadership does not know boundaries, geographic location or culture, so it’s important for me that I’m accessible around the world. I have clients in 10 different countries, including the USA, UK, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, Dubai, and Luxembourg.

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